When will the NFL officially recognize the Muslim marriage?

A new article in the New York Times, titled “When Will the NFL Officially Recognize the Muslim Marriage?” by Sam Monson and David A. Fahrenthold, reports that the league is still considering whether to formally recognize the Islamic marriage between a U.S. citizen and a Muslim, although the NFLPA has stated that the team has no intention of doing so.

The article states that the NFL will likely announce the decision in the next few weeks, but that the decision has not yet been made.

The article notes that while the NFL is officially recognizing the marriage of an American citizen and Muslim, it does not recognize any marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The decision will likely be announced in the coming weeks.

The decision would also not necessarily have a significant impact on the Muslim community.

“It’s not like it’s a big deal for them,” said Muhammad Ahmed, the executive director of the Muslim American Society.

“They know that it’s not going to affect them.

They know that they’re not going in front of a room and being asked why they did it, and they know that their community and their country are not going down that path.”

The article also notes that the announcement would also be in keeping with the NFL’s stance on diversity and inclusion.

“There’s no reason to be more concerned about it than we are,” Ahmed said.

“The NFL is committed to making sure that all of our players, and our coaches, and the fans, feel welcome, regardless of their faith,” the NFL said in a statement to ESPN.

“We are making every effort to support those individuals and communities that have made our game and our sport a great and welcoming place to play and to be a part of.”

In response to the Times article, NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said in an email that the commissioner’s office is aware of the decision and has a number of processes in place to process any request for official recognition of a marriage.

“We are reviewing the issue and will have no further comment at this time,” Lockhart wrote.

“Our focus right now is on the upcoming NFL season and the efforts of our athletes and coaches to provide the best possible experience for our fans and players.”

A new article in the New York Times, titled “When Will the NFL Officially Recognize the Muslim Marriage?” by Sam…

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