Which country is more likely to have child marriage?

Posted October 15, 2018 07:37:30 Australia has the lowest child marriage rate in the world, but its high levels of interracial couples mean that children are being born out of wedlock more often than in other countries.

Interracial couples are still less likely to get married in Australia than in most countries.

But, as the ABC’s Anthony Zurcher has revealed, interracial marriages are still common in some parts of the country.

He says the high rate of child marriage means that children born out are more likely than other children to be orphaned.

“I’m a bit concerned that the rate of intermarriage is higher in certain parts of Australia than others, so we can’t be sure that’s just due to the demographics of Australia,” he said.

“But I do think there’s a very high risk that children may be born out, or orphaned, if the child marriage is not controlled.”

Interracial marriage is more common in Northern Territory and the Northern Territory Government has said it wants to stop it.

“We’ve always said that child marriage should not be allowed to be a part of our culture, so this is an example of where we’ve got to take action,” Minister for Education and Skills Stephen Joyce said.

However, in the ACT, a child marriage ban was introduced in 2014.

It remains in place in Victoria.

“The ACT has a very different approach to child marriage than the rest of the states in that it does not outlaw interracial child marriage,” Education Minister Scott Emerson said.

Posted October 15, 2018 07:37:30 Australia has the lowest child marriage rate in the world, but its high levels of…

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