A Muslim couple’s vows to love one another and be faithful

By DANIEL LEAL-OLIVEAUSPublished December 05, 2017 05:12:20An Iranian couple is raising eyebrows by taking the same vow to love and be “faithful” to each other and each other’s families.

Muhamed Khadami and Hadi Naimi, both 24, wed on Dec. 6 in Iran, and are married in Iran.

Naimo was born in the United States and is a U.S. citizen, while Khadam is a citizen of Iran.

They are the first Muslim couple to wed in Iran and the first Iranian couple to hold a marriage license in the country.

They will now travel to Saudi Arabia to officially marry and are expected to return home soon.

In a video posted to the couple’s Instagram page, they wrote, “In Iran we love each other.”

The couple’s parents were surprised when they found out about their relationship.

They said their family has been worried about the possibility of their son marrying an American and being legally married in the U.K. or the United Arab Emirates.

The couple has also faced backlash in Iran for the news.

The bride said they were expecting their first child, but it is unclear whether or not they have the baby.

They also faced criticism in the media for saying they wanted to marry in their home country and not in Iran because of the religious and cultural differences.

In Iran, it is against Islamic law for a man to marry a woman in her home country, and many people oppose such unions.

However, the couple is being praised for speaking out about the issue and being “respectful and loving.”

Muhaim Khadaman told CNN that their wedding was a step in the right direction for their family and that they are “wanting to give love to all people.”

“It is a blessing to us,” Khadamsaid.

“We hope this will serve as a lesson for the world.”

By DANIEL LEAL-OLIVEAUSPublished December 05, 2017 05:12:20An Iranian couple is raising eyebrows by taking the same vow to love and…

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