When You Were a Teenage Marriage: What You Need to Know About Forced Marriage

What do you need to know when it comes to forced marriage?

The most common and often-repeated question in these cases is, “Are you married to the person who you’re forced to marry?”

It’s important to understand that there is no absolute answer to this question, and it is a matter of interpretation.

The vast majority of forced marriages are not illegal in the United States.

Some cases of forced marriage are.

In general, a person’s decision to marry someone in this situation is not legally binding.

That said, it is important to know the facts surrounding a forced marriage and the legal ramifications of the decision, particularly if the couple has already been married.

To help us better understand forced marriage, we’ve compiled a list of questions and information to help you better understand your situation and get the help you need.

When you were a teen, did you know that your marriage was arranged?

Were you able to ask for and receive the consent of the person you were marrying?

If so, what happened?

What happens when you do ask for the consent?

Did you ask for a divorce?

If not, why not?

Are you now legally married to a person you are forced to be married to?

If yes, what is the legal status of your marriage?

Do you have a copy of the marriage agreement?

If you are legally married, what happens when the couple changes their minds?

Does the law require the consent to divorce?

How will the courts deal with the parties who changed their minds after marriage?

Is the marriage legal or not?

Will the courts enforce the marriage if it is not valid?

If it is legal, does it last?

Are there any benefits to being legally married?

How long can a person be legally married before they are legally divorced?

Is there a specific time period that a person must be legally divorced to receive the right to divorce under the law?

Is it possible to be legally separated from your spouse before you can be legally reunited with your spouse?

Is divorce legal for a divorced spouse?

Does a court decide whether a marriage was legally arranged?

Can a couple remarry without the consent and approval of their spouse?

How do you get an abortion?

If your husband or wife was forced to give you an abortion, how would you respond if they tried to get an alternative form of birth control?

Are your parents divorced?

Can they remarry?

Do they have children?

If a parent or grandparent has been forcibly married, how do they feel about it?

If they were forced to remarry, are there legal options for them to get relief from the marriage?

Can you obtain help with child support or financial support?

Is a child born out of wedlock a legal and recognized child?

If the couple is divorced, does the court decide if the marriage was legal?

Is having a child out of marriage legal?

Does your spouse have a child?

Is he or she a spouse?

Do your spouse and/or child have children in the future?

Are they legally married in another country?

Are children born out-of-wedlock legal?

Can the couple get a divorce if they can’t get married in their home country?

Is an abortion legal?

If an abortion is not performed, what are the legal implications of that?

Are abortion laws for women changing?

How can you contact the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for information about your situation?

What is the state of legal services in your state?

What should I do if I am experiencing sexual assault?

If someone else is forced to have sex with you, is there a right to refuse?

Is sex in an arranged marriage legal under your state law?

If there is a legal right to refusal, what should I consider when considering that right?

How much money do I have to spend on a divorce settlement?

Does it include counseling, mediation, and support?

How often does the state budget need to be balanced?

Can I still get the benefit of child support?

What does a child’s court case look like?

Does my child need support if they are living apart from their biological parent?

Does having a separate marriage with a different biological parent affect a child who is living with their biological parents?

How should a child pay child support in the state where the marriage occurred?

How does child support law apply to the case of a parent who has divorced or remarried?

Are states allowed to modify the child support amount, so long as it is within the state’s guidelines?

What are the costs of child custody disputes?

Can my spouse request a divorce, or do I need to ask the judge to grant custody?

Can your spouse request that you and your child be jointly and severally liable for child support payments?

What if I’m living in a foreign country?

Do I have the right under international law to request a court to approve a foreign divorce?

Can we get divorced?

Does divorce mean that you have to give up all your assets

What do you need to know when it comes to forced marriage?The most common and often-repeated question in these cases…

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