Which gay marriage bills are on the ballot?

Gay marriage is on the electoral agenda in Australia, with the Federal Government poised to introduce a number of controversial laws aimed at the gay community.

Key points:The Government is poised to reintroduce a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry in New South Wales and QueenslandThe Australian Medical Association has criticised the introduction of gay marriage laws in AustraliaThe Greens have pledged to oppose any proposed legislationGay marriage has long been a contentious issue in the country, with some opposition groups calling for the issue to be put to a referendum or a ballot.

Queensland’s Marriage Equality Act was reintroduced in December after the State Government voted to allow gay marriage in the state.

Queenas marriage equality bill is on track to passThe bill would allow same sex couples to get married in Queensland, with a minimum of two weeks notice and a maximum of two months.

Queers Marriage Equality Amendment Bill will now go to the Senate.

It will require two-thirds support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to pass, but it will require the support of two-fifths of all senators.

Labor, which is strongly opposed to gay marriage and supports a referendum on the issue, has promised to oppose the bill.

It is expected that the Greens will vote against the bill, which will be reintroduced to the state parliament this month.

Gay marriage was previously opposed by the Australian Medical and Medical Research Council (AMRC), which called the introduction a step backwards for health.

“The AMRC strongly urges the Australian Parliament to reconsider the introduction and future introduction of same-gender marriage legislation in Australia,” it said in a statement.

“Currently, AMRC supports the introduction but does not endorse same- sex marriage.”

It is important to recognise that the majority of Australians support same- gender marriage, but do not wish to see this legalised.

“Gay marriage is now legal in five states and territory, including Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.


Gay marriage is on the electoral agenda in Australia, with the Federal Government poised to introduce a number of controversial…

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