How to stop gay marriage from being the next civil rights movement

A new movement is growing to stop gays and lesbians from marrying.

Now, we’ve got a name: The “No Gay Marriage” movement.

The group has taken its name from the phrase “no gay marriage” used by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 1993 when he argued that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) could not be applied to states that allowed same-sex marriage.

Thomas said the Supreme Court had erred when it upheld the act as constitutional.

The group is calling for a constitutional amendment to ban same-gender marriage in the United States.

The movement gained momentum in 2015 when two prominent conservative evangelical pastors, Rev. Al Sharpton and Tony Perkins, spoke out against gay marriage, and in December 2016, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh accused the church of trying to destroy the marriage equality movement.

The two pastors have since joined the movement.

On Monday, the group released a video highlighting the many different ways the movement is being implemented and discussed, and said it is trying to “put a stop to the gay agenda.”

In the video, which was filmed in New Hampshire, participants from various organizations discuss a number of strategies to oppose the gay marriage movement.

One participant, Josh Pomeroy, says, “We’re going to make a video and let the world see the truth about what’s happening with gay marriage.”

Pomeroya said the group has “about 30 or 40” people in the room, but said he hopes to reach a million people in 2018.

In another video, the leaders explain how they plan to hold rallies in the states that allow gay marriage.

One of the events is planned for March 10, with the goal of drawing as many people as possible to a rally in their area.

Pomeroy said the goal is to make people “feel the heat” and “know that this is not a fringe movement.”

Another event is planned to be held March 25, which will feature speakers who have previously spoken out against the gay rights movement.

Pomeroys group plans to “give people an opportunity to hear the voices of those who are speaking out,” he said.

A third event is slated for April 4, which is when Pomeroyer said the campaign will announce its goal.

A new movement is growing to stop gays and lesbians from marrying.Now, we’ve got a name: The “No Gay Marriage”…

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