‘Marriage is for Everyone’: Surprised to learn ‘it’s for everyone’

Marriage equality advocates say they’re excited to discover that it’s not just a matter of whether a couple should get married.

But they are also “surprised” to learn that they’ll be asked if they want to marry a gay couple.

“We’re not surprised to learn,” said Michael Belsky, a partner in the marriage equality law firm, The Law Office of Michael Blesky.

“Marriage equality is just the first step toward a better America.

It’s a big, bold, exciting step.”

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule this month on whether states can allow gay marriage, and the justices will be asked whether the U.K. and other European nations, which are more progressive than the U, should follow suit.

“The law has to be written by the people,” said John Cavanagh, executive director of Equality California, a group that supports gay marriage.

“That’s what the law is about.

But we’re hopeful the court will say that marriage is for everyone, that there is no difference between a gay marriage and a straight marriage.

It should be a matter for everyone.”

Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states.

The United States, however, has a history of not allowing gay marriage as long as it’s done within the confines of a state’s laws.

The Supreme Court in 2014 struck down part of a federal law that would have prohibited states from discriminating against gay couples.

The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women has recognized the right to gay marriage in its convention resolution, but has not said if it will accept other countries’ proposals.

In an interview with CNNMoney, Belskys partner, the former U.A.E. secretary general John Kofi Annan, said he’s “really excited” to be part of the new era.

He said he hopes to have a legal case to make to the Supreme Court by the end of the year.

Marriage equality advocates say they’re excited to discover that it’s not just a matter of whether a couple should get…

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