Muslim marriages introduced in Hawaii

Hawaii has officially introduced its first Muslim marriage in a decade, bringing the number of marriages between Muslims to 10.

As of Monday, marriages were being conducted in four counties and five cities.

The state said it would open the doors to all citizens from the age of 17.

Hawaii became the 10th state to do so on Wednesday, joining Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Washington.

Muslim marriages are currently legal in all 50 states, with the majority of them in the US, Canada and Australia.

Although many Muslims believe that marriage is a holy institution and they do not object to other religions marrying, they believe it is not the right thing to do for the community.

“The majority of us don’t view marriage as the right place to establish relationships, and that’s why we don’t marry,” Ahmad said.

Some Muslims have even asked their Muslim counterparts in other Muslim countries not to officiate weddings because they believe that it is too difficult for them to get the proper religious rituals in place.

In the past, Muslims have expressed frustration over how their Muslim communities were not given the same opportunities to have their marriages recognised in other parts of the world.

Ahmad said there was no discrimination against Muslims, as the majority were already married and the law did not recognise their marriages.

He said Hawaii was “very open” and welcomed all religions and religions’ values and customs.

But Hawaii was the first state to officially recognise marriage in its legal system and that the majority had “no problems” with it.

“We want to welcome everybody in the state and Hawaii has made an excellent step in the right direction,” Ahmad told the Associated Press news agency.

There are currently 17 Muslim-majority countries in the world, including Iran, Turkey, the Philippines, Sudan, Iraq, Mauritania, Yemen and Bangladesh. More:

Hawaii has officially introduced its first Muslim marriage in a decade, bringing the number of marriages between Muslims to 10.As…

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