Muslim wedding introduction ceremony: ‘We have a new family, a new home, a better life’

In a ceremony officiated by a doctor, Muslim wedding celebrants introduced a new bride and groom to the world by reciting the Koran, the Islamic holy book, and performing the traditional Arabic Islamic wedding ceremony.

The ceremony took place in a mosque in the city of Medina in northern Saudi Arabia, and was attended by hundreds of people including members of the clergy and dignitaries, according to a report from Saudi news website Al-Arabiya.

The ceremony was broadcast live on state-owned television, and a video was posted online.

“We have new family and a new homeland,” a groom, Mohammad Ali Al-Alwan, said as he and his bride walked down the aisle to a loud applause.

The newlyweds had already been together for three years, according a report in Al-Masry Al-Youm, the Saudi daily newspaper, and the couple had two sons.

The bride, Farida, was dressed in a traditional Muslim dress, which is traditional for Muslim weddings.

“Our new life is in the family,” she told the audience, according the report.

The groom, Hamid Al-Sayed, said he was happy to be married to a Muslim woman.

“We are living a new life in the Muslim world,” he said.

The groom and bride walked out of the mosque together, before they went into the courtyard where they had been married.

“Welcome to our new home,” they said to the crowd.

The Muslim community has seen a rise in the number of Muslims marrying outside their faith, and several countries have banned Muslim marriages for now.

Saudi Arabia has a large Muslim population, and many Muslims believe the ceremony was a form of forced conversion.

Last month, a Muslim man in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to death after he married a non-Muslim woman.

In a ceremony officiated by a doctor, Muslim wedding celebrants introduced a new bride and groom to the world by…

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