When do you think marriage should start?

A few weeks ago, the first couple got married in Utah, and now we know the rest of the country is ready to give it a go. 

A new Pew Research Center poll finds that more than seven-in-ten Americans (71%) think the country should begin allowing same-sex couples to marry. 

That’s the highest percentage of Americans who think the issue should be a national issue since 2009, when Gallup first asked the question.

The results also indicate that more Americans support same-gender marriage than oppose it.

Seven-in­ten (70%) say it should be legal, while just over half (52%) say that it should not be legal. 

The poll also found that Americans are more likely than ever to think that same- gender couples should be allowed to adopt children.

Seven in 10 (69%) now support same gender parents being allowed to have children, up from 60% in 2013.

And while support for same- sex marriage is at an all-time high, support is much less widespread among people who don’t identify as either Republican or Democrat.

Just 31% of Democrats say they support same sex marriage, while 72% of Republicans do.

The numbers on adoption are more nuanced.

More than half of Americans (54%) favor same- parent adoption, while 36% oppose it, the survey found.

That’s down from a high of 59% in 2012.

The Pew Research poll also finds that about half of respondents believe it’s legal for same sex couples to get married.

Seven percent of those polled say it’s not legal.

A slim majority (53%) say same- Sex Marriage should be illegal, but that figure is down from 52% in 2010.

Still, Americans are split over the issue of whether to allow same- and opposite-sex civil unions.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans support civil unions, while 46% oppose them.

That split is about the same as in 2013, when 50% of Americans supported civil unions and 44% opposed them.

A majority of Americans still think the federal government should not interfere in states’ rights to define marriage.

Forty-four percent of adults say the federal Government should not meddle in states that allow same sex marriages.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans say that, compared to 53% of independents.

A few weeks ago, the first couple got married in Utah, and now we know the rest of the country…

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