When Thai marriage proposals go viral, the government is scrambling to stop them

In January, Thailand’s government introduced a new law aimed at curbing domestic violence.

It is also cracking down on marriage proposals.

Now, the country’s government has been scrambling to prevent a backlash.

On Sunday, the ministry of foreign affairs released a draft of a law that would allow the state to ban the introduction of any proposal for marriage without the approval of the judiciary.

Under the proposed legislation, a proposal for a marriage would have to be passed by the Supreme Court and then passed by parliament, the Associated Press reported.

If approved by parliament and passed by both houses of parliament, it would then go to the president, who would then sign the proposal.

The government has previously said it is in the process of drafting the bill, but it is unclear if it will be able to get its act together and introduce it before the end of the year.

The bill, which has yet to be published, would make it a crime for a person to propose a marriage without receiving judicial approval.

The move is likely to anger some conservative Buddhist monks who see it as an attack on religious freedom.

The proposal was criticized by human rights groups, who say it is discriminatory, and human rights activists.

The new draft law would also make it mandatory for the state’s minister of foreign Affairs to receive the approval from the Supreme People’s Court before issuing a marriage proposal.

It would also impose fines of up to 2,000 baht (approximately $3,500) on those who fail to comply with the law.

In January, Thailand’s government introduced a new law aimed at curbing domestic violence.It is also cracking down on marriage proposals.Now,…

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