Which states are now considering gay marriage amendments?

A handful of states have begun considering gay marriages, and one is expected to begin taking them into effect this week.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know:1.

Tennessee will allow gay couples to wed on June 26, 2018.2.

North Carolina and Louisiana have passed gay marriage laws that take effect this Monday.3.

In Hawaii, gay couples can begin getting married in March 2019.4.

Vermont and Montana have passed laws allowing gay marriage.5.

In Nevada, gay marriage is legal and is expected this year.6.

California, Maine, Montana, and New Mexico are all considering gay-marriage legislation.7.

In Massachusetts, a measure legalizing gay marriage passed the state senate last month, but the bill will need the approval of the state assembly before taking effect.8.

A measure that would allow gay marriage in Georgia passed the House of Representatives last week, but will require the approval by the state Senate.9.

In Utah, a bill that would legalize gay marriage, introduced in May, has been delayed.10.

New York state approved gay marriage this year, but it is expected for a year to come.11.

The California bill that allows gay marriage was amended to include a clause allowing gay couples who already had a marriage license to get one.12.

In Washington state, a proposed amendment to allow gay marriages could be considered this week, according to the Associated Press.13.

In New York, a similar bill that included a clause permitting gay marriage has been added to a separate bill to legalize same-sex marriage.14.

The Tennessee bill allowing gay marriages will be discussed in the statehouse, according the AP.15.

The Nevada bill is expected next week, although it is unclear when it will take effect.16.

Montana and New Hampshire will take the first steps toward legalizing gay marriages on April 6, 2019.17.

Utah is expected in the next few days to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.18.

Vermont, Maine and Nevada are expected to take the next step toward legalizing same-gender marriage this month.19.

In Alaska, a proposal that would provide civil unions for gay couples was approved by the legislature last week.20.

In Wyoming, the state legislature passed a measure that allows same- gender couples to marry.21.

In California, a lesbian couple will be able to marry in April 2019.22.

A lesbian couple from Texas will be allowed to marry next week in California, according ABC News.23.

In Colorado, the Colorado Senate voted to allow civil unions in a new civil partnership bill.24.

In Arizona, a gay couple from New Mexico will be eligible for a civil union in July 2019.25.

In Montana, a woman will be granted a civil partnership in 2018.26.

A gay couple in the San Francisco Bay Area will marry next year.27.

In Florida, a new bill was introduced that would give civil unions to same- sex couples.28.

A bill was approved in Hawaii, allowing gay unions to begin on June 19.29.

In Maine, a marriage bill has been approved by a Senate committee.30.

In Georgia, a same-gendered marriage proposal was approved last week by the House.31.

In the District of Columbia, the House approved a bill this week that would expand civil unions.32.

In Texas, a man and a woman who were married in Alaska last year will be required to obtain a marriage certificate to get married in the country’s second-most populous state.33.

In Tennessee, a couple was married in a state house in March 2018, but a court ruled against the couple and they will need to get a marriage licence to marry, according The Associated Press (AP).34.

In Rhode Island, a civil rights lawsuit filed against a state official last year was dismissed last week when the case was dropped.35.

In Pennsylvania, a state representative introduced a bill last week that allows for civil unions between same- and opposite-sex couples.36.

In South Dakota, a group of lawmakers filed a lawsuit against the state this week after the state’s governor signed into law a bill to allow same- or opposite-gender marriages.37.

In Nebraska, a transgender woman married in July 2018 and is now the first same-Gender Couple in the U.S. 38.

In Wisconsin, a legislative committee approved a civil unions bill that expands civil unions nationwide.39.

In Kentucky, a local lawmaker has introduced a civil-union bill in a special session this week for same- Gender Couples, according USA Today (AP) 40.

In Michigan, a law passed last year allows same sex couples to get marriage licenses.41.

In Iowa, a lawmaker filed a bill Thursday to allow couples to receive a civil marriage license after the legislature passed last week a bill allowing same-Sex couples to obtain marriage licenses, according Reuters (Reuters)42.

In Minnesota, a family court judge in St. Paul is scheduled to take a ruling

A handful of states have begun considering gay marriages, and one is expected to begin taking them into effect this…

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