Who is the person who married the person in this episode of ‘Marriage’?

A married couple in a small-town Kansas town will have to answer the question that has haunted them since they married.

The couple, who live in a tiny town called Saline, Missouri, were divorced in 2011, and their marriage is now in the middle of an ugly divorce.

They’ve decided to tell their story to help people understand what’s happening now, and to help them understand why people do things that they may not otherwise think to do.

In the episode, the couple explains what they did to prepare for their wedding.

“We got married and we got divorced,” says one of the couple’s friends, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“We knew we had to prepare.

And then we went to the courthouse and we started to put on our wedding dresses.

We were nervous.

We had no clue what to expect.

But after we did that, we were completely blown away by what we saw.

And I mean, we could not have done it any better.”

In their story, the two friends describe their wedding day, the day of the ceremony and the day after.

“It was just an absolute joy,” says the friend who lives in Saline.

“There was nothing but joy.

The wedding itself was perfect.

I remember the last couple minutes of it.

I was speechless.

I couldn’t believe it.

We made a lot of mistakes and mistakes and we still did the best we could, but at the end of the day, we had a really, really good day.”

The friend who lived in Salina also shares some details of the wedding, including the fact that the couple was separated by five months.

“I just think it’s very sad and disappointing,” the friend told The Associated Press.

“I think that people will see this story, they’ll say, ‘Why didn’t you think of that?

Why didn’t I think of this?’

It was just not an option.”

The two friends said they were not aware that the state of Missouri had an “unmarried filing requirement.”

The couple is not the only ones to tell of the marriage breakdown that unfolded in Salines small town.

A few years ago, an online dating site was taken offline in an internet firestorm after a man and a woman got married in a church.

The woman, who had no family in Salinas, told ABC News that she was upset that her parents had to watch the couple get married on TV.

“There was something very strange about the whole situation,” the woman said.

“It felt wrong to have my parents see that.”

Another friend who moved to Saline in 2010 says that while she is still married, her marriage is a far cry from the love that she felt when she married.

“In the beginning, I didn’t know how to act,” she told ABCNews.

“And then the more I was in the relationship, I realized how to live.

So I started to look at the relationship differently and see how it was affecting me.”

A married couple in a small-town Kansas town will have to answer the question that has haunted them since they…

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