Why Thai women are getting married overseas

The first international women’s wedding in Thailand will take place on August 26.

Thais are the countrys largest and most populous Muslim community, and the wedding is a chance to celebrate the importance of Islam in Thailand.

Thailand is known for being a conservative country, but a lot of Muslims come here for a variety of reasons.

Women can’t have any abortions, or any kind of medical procedures.

The country is one of the only two countries where polygamy is legal.

It is not just the governments stance that is at odds with the Islamic faith, but also the way in which they enforce it. 

Women from a group of religious groups have travelled from Thailand for a five-week wedding celebration in the country’s capital, Bangkok.

The first time the wedding was held, there were just two people present, said Khaled Zayd, a member of the Muslim Women’s Association.

Zaydan is one half of the two women, Amira Alsoudi and Alia Elad, who will be marrying in the capital, the birthplace of Islam.

They are the first couple from the Muslim community to ever marry abroad.

It’s a very common occurrence in countries like Iran and Morocco, but not Thailand.

In 2012, a number of women from the community traveled to Morocco to marry their Moroccan brothers.

The ceremony was attended by the Muslim World League, an umbrella organisation for Muslim women in Morocco, the first time such a gathering had taken place outside the country.

The event also featured a number other prominent Muslim women from Thailand.

The group, which has since been renamed the Women of Islamic Traditions, also held a ceremony in the United Arab Emirates, and a few years ago, it held a marriage ceremony in Israel. 

Amaa Alsuddi, an Indonesian Muslim woman, is one such woman.

She married her Lebanese husband in 2012, after living in the UAE for a few months, in order to work in the restaurant business.

“My husband was very religious and did not eat pork or alcohol,” she said.

“I had the opportunity to be able to marry him in Thailand because of my Muslim faith.” 

But this is not the first Muslim couple to travel abroad for a wedding.

In 2013, a Saudi Arabian couple, Abdullah and Fahad Alsiddin, travelled to Morocco for a marriage in 2015.

Both were born and raised in Saudi Arabia, but their marriages were not recognized.

“They were both Saudi citizens,” Alsudin told Al Jazeera.

“Their citizenship is not recognised by the kingdom.

So they were both forced to marry outside of the kingdom, which is against their religion.” 

The Alsurdis said the first marriage in Thailand took place during the Arab Spring. 

“It was a time of freedom and equality for women, and this is what made me want to come,” Fahad told Al Arabiya English.

The couple decided to get married in Thailand and, after a couple of months of planning, they travelled to the capital.

The bride arrived in Bangkok on August 19.

She is the first Thai woman to ever be married outside of Thailand.

In the months following, the couple had their second ceremony in Thailand, and they were able to obtain a visa for a ceremony with a Saudi prince. 

In the meantime, they also visited Saudi Arabia.

“We came to Saudi Arabia and had our wedding ceremony in front of the Saudi ambassador,” Fahads husband said.

The Saudi prince had invited the couple to be his guests, and after the wedding, Fahad and Abdullah had to leave the country to continue their work in Thailand for the next few months.

After that, they went to the United Kingdom for a couple months, before returning to the UAE. 

The couple also got married in the UK, but they did not receive a visa from the Kingdom.

They have since returned to Thailand and are now in the process of applying for a visa to come back to Thailand.

Alsadi, the Thai woman, said that it was not only her own religious faith that made her decide to come to Thailand, but her desire to show her Muslim community in Thailand that she is happy to be a Thai woman.

“Thai women are the most beautiful women on the planet,” she told Al Arabiciya English from Dubai, where she was attending an international conference.

“If we want to be beautiful, we have to look like them.”

“The most beautiful Thai women in the world are Muslim women, so that’s what I wanted to do,” said Alsuda.

Alsudar is one one of those Thai women who wants to show the rest of her community that she has value and is able to fulfil her responsibilities.

“What I am doing in Thailand is to spread the message of Islam and Islam is the foundation of Islam,” she explained.

“And I want to show that Thai women have value.”

In 2016, Alsudi married her

The first international women’s wedding in Thailand will take place on August 26.Thais are the countrys largest and most populous…

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