Couple’s wedding is officiated by a Native American tribe

A couple in Utah are celebrating their wedding in an Indian burial ground by taking a step back to consider what their relationship means to them.

“The fact that this was my first time officiating at an Indian funeral, it was an honor,” said Josh Miller, 36, who is from Utah.

“It was a very sacred time for me and my family and my tribe.”

Miller, a Navy veteran, and his fiancee, Caitlin McDaniel, 36.

married in June and are celebrating in the Sioux Falls Indian burial site with their son.

They said their ceremony was the first one they have officiated in the tribal ceremony, which is performed by a tribal chief and includes traditional dance and music.

Miller, who was born in New Mexico, said he had to be careful about how many guests he invited.

“I was very careful to not have a lot of people there,” he said.

“That was probably one of the reasons I ended up having to make the decision to officiate.”

McDaniel said she was also careful with her guests, which was a challenge.

“When we’re there, you have to be very careful with the Native Americans that you have,” she said.

In addition to being able to get a Native Native American burial, the ceremony was also an opportunity to honor their ancestors, said Miller, whose ancestors are descendants of the Pawnee and Cheyenne Indians.

The couple, who are part of the Native American Cultural Center of Southern Utah, said they will likely move into the home in the coming months to raise their son, who they say has a great interest in history and culture.

They are also looking forward to the opportunity to officide again.

“We will definitely be moving into the new house soon,” McDaniel told The Associated Press.

“There is definitely going to be some changes.”

A couple in Utah are celebrating their wedding in an Indian burial ground by taking a step back to consider…

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